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If I had to sum up in one word my experience with Terri as my real estate agent I would simply have to decline, it can’t be done, one word is just not enough. I will attempt to keep it down to a few words for the sake of keeping this a short-ish letter and not turning it into a full length novel.

Hardworking – Its funny when you think of a real estate agent selling your home you don’t think of a “hard worker”, at least that was my impression due to past experiences. Before Terri I felt there isn’t anything a real-estate agent can do that I can’t, I mean if anyone can sell my home I can, right? All your typical agent does is list on the MLS, wait for phone calls, hope for a buyer and if you’re lucky they will host an open house. Well that is not the case with Terri, she set the bar higher than I could have expected and made me realize that I absolutely cannot do what a HARDWORKING agent can do. Terri sat down with us, she came up with a game plan (I’ll spare you all the details), reached out to her extensive network, held a back to back open house (yes 2 days in a row) and within a week she had us an offer that we accepted for the price we were hoping for.

Coach – For the lack of a better word, yes I will use the word “coach”. I don’t sell homes for a living, I don’t know exactly what buyers look for, I know what I look for in a home but that is probably different from your average buyer. When interviewing Terri I was looking for an individual that wasn’t afraid to be straight forward and tell me exactly what they felt I needed to do in order to get the house ready for them to sell. I was looking for an agent that had enough experience to coach me and tell me what work was needed and what work would not be needed. Long story short, my list of what I felt needed to be done and Terries list were far different. Terri saved me from doing a ton of unnecessary work. Due to her experience she was able to direct me to what buyers specifically look for in a home like mine and what work that I thought should be done that was not necessary. Again, within a week she had us an offer that we accepted for the price we were hoping for which means her coaching was nothing but perfect.

Professional – When I say professional I don’t want you to get the impressions that she is not personal and all business. Now she is VERY business oriented and obviously takes her job seriously but through this short experience we had with Terri my 4 kids grew to love her and were excited to see her when she came over. In order to be very successful at something you have to be willing to be married to it, to give it your all, to work harder and put in more effort than those around you. Based on my experience with Terri I believe the previous sentence sums up how serious she takes her profession and the effort she puts in.

Terri Repetto is the definition of a professional, hardworking real-estate agent and I would without a doubt use her in the future and recommend her to family and friends.


Richard Anderson

Rika in Alpine

Alpine, November 6, 2017

To Whom It May Concern

Terri Repetto advertises herself as "Agent with a Heart". I rather would say, she is an "Agent with a Golden Heart"!

I never expected buying my very first own home for my two daughters and myself to be such a "walk on the beach"! Even when the tide got a little higher on the way or a few storm waves threatened to roll in, she made sure that we safely remained in calm waters.

Terri was always promptly available when I needed her and got me the very best advises and deals throughout the process.

Her professional connections are outstanding as well, and it felt more like having good-old friends on your side than people with a business.

I highly recommend "smooth sailing" with this outstanding "Agent with a Heart"!

Forever grateful, Terri!

Friederike (Rika) von Lintig with Ruby and Claire (and dog MoMo and cats Winnie and Sammie)

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